Android App that Will Let You Take Lyrics Offline

Music is love. Music is life. We all say that. It’s one of that healthy meals that we need to take every day. It’s what drives our life. Many people get inspired by songs and its lyrics. Lyrics that gives you goosebumps, that make you remember your first love. But, sometimes some singers just eat up some words and you’re like – Wait, what was that?

And, in such situation you need to search for lyrics online. So, to ease down this process, we bring to you apps that will quickly show you the lyrics of the song as they play in your music player. And, they’ll also let you take those lyrics offline. In the past, we had shared some android apps and music players that displayed lyrics. But, here we’d like to share with you some dedicated android apps to take lyrics offline. So, without further ado. Let’s dig in.

For the sake of simplicity : The lyrics app are available for free in the Google Play store. You can search and find lyrics for millions of songs of the different genre. While there may be multiple apps of similar category , the reason we picked the following apps , is due to their simplicity. Think of them as a customized Google for lyrics. Just enter the name and get the lyrics. Pretty simple right?


Lyrix is a simple lightweight lyrics app to search and download lyrics offline . The app uses simple layout and contains all basic options for lyrics. The layout shows big search box in middle to type your favorite song name and a search button to search it from the internet.  Indeed , you will need internet connection first to download lyrics offline, no way around it. The top of the layout have the various tab which you can slide through. The tabs are as following :

Search Tab : Search Tab is a first tab where you can type in the search box to find the lyrics of your favorite songs. It is also a home page of the app.

Search Results Tab : All the results from your search query will be displayed in this tab. The app will automatically switch to this tab every time you search for the lyrics. Here you can click on your  desired song name to check out the lyrics. Click on little heart icon at right side to mark lyrics as favorite and to save it offline.

Lyrics Tab : Here you can see the recent lyrics which you have searched before to quickly access them again. You can also find your downloaded lyrics next to it in the favorites. Note that you do not need an internet connection to view lyrics marked as favorite.